Florida father outraged by raunchy question on teenager’s research task.=

Omar Austin needed to do a double take when he found a raunchy question on his teenage child’s research task today. “This has to be seen. [What the hell] is going on in our schools ???” the Florida dad asked as he checked out the question aloud in a video published toFacebook on Wednesday.

The mulitple option question supposedly checked out, “Ursula was ravaged when her partner broke up with her after making love. To get vengeance, she made love with his best buddy the next day. Ursula had a stunning infant woman 9 months later on. Ursula has type O blood, her ex-boyfriend has AB blood and his buddy is type A blood.

If her infant daddy is her ex-boyfriend what might the possible blood type( s) of her infant NOT be.” Since Friday night, the video has actually been seen more than 500 times and triggered a handful of remarks from concerned locals. “Someone in fact makes money to make the test. I’m presuming somebody checks the phrasing of the question? What occurred to sound judgment!”one Facebook user composed.



“Wow … just wow!”another exclaimed.

Austin informed First Coast News in Florida he instantly got in touch with the principal at Westside High School in Jacksonville to flag the improper question that was on his eleventh-grade child’s practice test for her approaching anatomy examination. “This was a district-generated worksheet that her instructor just printed offline and it was offered to the trainees,”Austin described to the local news station. “I want it to be acknowledged. I want it to be examined. And I want it to be changed.” Duval County Public Schools stated in a declaration acquired by First Coast News that it concurred the question was “extremely unsuitable”and verified it was not part of a district evaluation. “Immediately upon being warned of this matter, school and district leaders started performing an evaluation of the scenario. Suitable and restorative action will be taken,”the district mentioned. “We motivate parents to call their school leaders straight if they ever have any concerns about their child’s school and educational experience so that we can right away work to problem-solve.”. Austin called the “prejudiced”question “unfortunate and a disgrace to our academic system.”He stated he hopes the school will be more cautious in the future and completely check out every task they lose consciousness to high schoolers.

“I think that we can do much better,”he included.

The school district stated they do not think the inappropriate worksheet was lost consciousness to other schools but they are still examining.